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Get Rid of Algae Blooms (Toxic algae) & profit from it by becoming an agent 
Algae has been causing multi-million dollars of damage and has had a negative impact on fishing, tourism, and other industries that form the backbone of local economies. This much needed solution for aquatic farms, marinas, beaches and waterfront residents has arrived. It's called the EzOx system.
2016 - Some toxic algae tragedies around the world  
. Australis lost $11.2 million due to algae bloom
. Public health impacts have the largest consequence. 
​. Commercial fisheries impacts are the next largest cost 
. Algal blooms suffocated millions of salmon in South America, 
. Freshwater algae were found in mussels from San Francisco Bay.
. Algal bloom is a suspect in the death of more than 300 sei whales in Chile
​. Recreation/tourism impacts account for business losses  and social tensions
. Harmful algal blooms have been implicated in illness and death in at least 43 States.
. Estimates of economic impacts on Florida's recreation and tourism is 8.5 million per year.
. Insurance in Norway, because of salmon mortalities in Chile has to pay more than $45 million.

What is presently done by everyone else.
There are different approaches that will bring in some type of partial results. They range from weeds harvesting, aquascreen, chemicals, to aerators.  They all bring in some partial result but on small surfaces only. The problems comes up year after year unpredictably with catastrophic consequences because no one has been able to control the major source of nutrients - the runoff. The EzOX system controls that.

What needs to be done 

The real problem is larger then just cleaning up a lake  - The pollution sources must be eliminated otherwise the situation will always repeat itself every year with unpredictable circumstances.

Water (lake, pond, lagoon, reservoir, rivers) 
Heat is a source of water pollution. As the temperature of the water increases the number of particles of dissolved oxygen decreases.

Deposition of sediments are a common source of water pollution (mineral organic matter washed or transported by the wind.)

If the weather becomes cloudy for several days, respiring plants will use much of the available dissolved oxygen. When these plants die they become food for bacteria, which in turn multiply and use large amount of oxygen. This depletes all the oxygen.
Runoff from shoreline
The interrelationship between a lake and its shoreline is important. The shoreline zone is the last line of defence against the forces that may otherwise destroy a healthy lake.

Livestock and farm fields containing phosphates and nitrates (ingredients in fertilizers) 

Decomposing organic matter and wildlife waste that gets flushed into rivers and streams.

Rudimentary or defective septic systems. Old systems either are insufficient, clogged and become flooded during times of high water in a lake.

If the edge of a septic bed is closer than 100 ft. from the lake on a grassed lot, even though it is operating perfectly, there will be nutrient transfer via groundwater into the lake.

Runoff from residential areas such as streets, cut grass, and rooftops have been noted to contain high concentration of nutrients and a large source of phosphorus.

Wastewater treatment plants and marsh, creek and storm culverts

1 lb. of phosphorus migrating into a lake has the ability to create 500 lbs. of algae and aquatic plants.
55% of rainfall will not be absorbed by the lawn, it quickly runs off as sheet drainage, and with it a high volume of any applied fertilizer.

The EzOx system remains in place permanently in order to maintain aerobic conditions of the water body. With the EzOx system we have a better management of riparian strips, which are extremely rich transition environments, and play several critical roles in the health of lakes and rivers.
Blue-green algae are actually bacteria. They are called cyanobacteria after the blue-green pigments that they produce. Blue-green blooms can form surface scums up to several inches thick, especially along the shoreline. Cyanobacteria are of greater concern than true algae because some species can produce potent toxins.
Algae grows when it has the right conditions such as adequate nutrients (mostly phosphorus but nitrogen is important too)
Instead of trying to kill blue-green algae like most approaches - we create conditions in order to prevent its existence. Since nutrients generally limit algae growth, any long-term solution to algae management must involve major nutrient reduction. - And that is what the EzOx system does. It can do this on lakes that have a surface up to 40 square miles.
It Neutralizes phosphorus runoff before it reaches the water. The system   operates continuously and can neutralize 100 feet or wider of shoreline strips.
​The system is half burried
What are the sources of the problem
Venice, Italy
San Bernardino, California
Marina, Florida
Shadwell Basin, east London.
Taihugreen, China
We determine the perimeter of the water surface and other sources of phosphorus land contaminators and run offs.
We remotely create the pattern of activity within which the system will transmit the energy waves (both in the water and in the land)
LOOK below - in 34 days
June 1st, 2016
June 20th  2016
June 27th, 2016
July 4th,  2016
LOOK - in 45 days
Transparency of water : .8 m / 2' 6''
Dissolved oxygen : 5 PPM
Transparency of water 2.82 m / 9' 4''
Dissolved oxygen : 11 PPM
Size : 9.2 acres
( 400 490 sq.ft.)
Water remediation systems  for lake, pond, lagoon, river ,and reservoir.
What we mean by YOU CAN PROFIT FROM IT
Matrix Environment is just beginning to offer Agency representation; meaning the Agent will market and sell  the EZOx System within a given territory, state or country.
Here are some estimated amounts that are budgeted to just to clean up a lake:
. $      40 000.00 for a lake of 23 acres / 97 138 sq. ft.
  $    100 000.00 for a lake of 2.6 sq. km / 1 sq. mi
  $    630 000.00 for a lake of 23 sq.Km / 8.8 sq.mi
. $ 1 500 000.00 for a large pond of 3 acres / 130 680 sq.ft
  $ 2 000 000.00 for a lake 2 kl long / 1.2 miles long 
​The agent gets a % of the sale - All He/She has to do is make the sale - everything else is handled by the company. We estimate from past experience that it takes only one year to build a local reputation in order to succeed.

 (Just Google: Algae / Toxic algae /Algal bloom - and then in the news section)

Every corner of the planet is affected and with temperature rising annually it's going to get 
worst unless there is some type of solution -

This is serious income potential ! 
Dependability, honesty and resourcefulness are necessary traits for anyone who is to become a Matrix Environment agent. Other desirable qualifications are initiatives, imagination, enthusiasm and the ability to work without direct supervision. 

The size of an agent’s territory may range from small to extremely large. 

Basic conditions to become an agent: are:

. Propose a marketing program in order to meet the market’s needs
. Have technical knowledge of the market.
. Purchase a EzOx demonstration systems
. Devote a minimum of time in the promotion and sales.
. Have proven experience in sales.

Number of lakes in the world
. 25.4 millions natural lakes of 2.5 acres or larger
. 1,427,688 lakes of 25 acres or larger
Countries with the most lakes
  . Canada
  . Russia
  . United States
  . China
  . Sweden
  . Brazil

Reference: McGill