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Get rid of toxic algae          -             More dissolved Oxygen         -         Better fish health  
The benefits of the EzOx system 

More oxygen;
Better digestion; 
Reduced bottom accumulation by enhanced aerobic microbial digestion and enzime production.
Better health - reduced diseases and mortality rate.

​​Maintains the aquatic ecosystem;
Boosts the water body’s natural defence mechanism;
Reduced turbidity, colour, and odor of the water.

Virus and bacteria
Normally the system will maintain an environment which is free of viruses  and bacteria;
The system can be programmed from a distance for  specific emergency requirements.

Phosphorus and Nitrate are eliminated by the process of transmutation. Therefore without nutrients the algae, including red tide, have nothing to feed on and can't survive. 

​In order to protect cages from being subjected to algae, very large area has to be treated surrounding the cages. This should assure a balance ecosystem without the threat of being affected by algae

Input of dissolved oxygen up to 12 PPM throughout the water body, even into the bottom sediment;
The increase in dissolved oxygen enabled aerobic bacteria to thrive and digest the organic sediment;

Generates resonant energy waves so that ​they will go on and penetrate 100 feet of the bank to treat phosphorus and nitrate. It will neutralize them both so they will not even pollute the water.

In General
Aerobic digestion of organic material can improve food base
Does not require infrastructure to operate such as electricity
Operates in cold, warm, brackish and seawater;
Cleans bottom sediments;
Contributes in restoring the coastal ecosystems;
No chemicals
Operates 24/7;

Large Surface area:
Our system will operate up to a surface area of 4 square miles (10 square km), plus it will insert oxygen to great depth.

Ocean application: When cages are outside of a bay or bordering the ocean they are affected by tides, ocean current and strong winds.

Saves $  
Insurance premiums;
Less death of fish.
Possibility of runoff from farms
Installation that is easy to protec
Helps protecting your investment
Basically aquaculture requires clean water and oxygen. The EzOx System provides an innovative approach to cleaning and revitalizing lakes, ponds, rivers, wastewater lagoons and fish farm ponds by cost-effectively increasing DO (dissolved oxygen) and clarifying the water. The DO generated is in the form of ionic oxygen (O-) and is relatively stable in water (as opposed to O2 which is gaseous). Ionic oxygen is readily assimilated by organisms. Microbial activity and enzyme production can be greatly increased with elevated and ionic oxygen. Rotting excess food and excrement are aerobically digested and converted into stable biomass that improves the food base for fish. In addition, the use of probiotics in aquaculture is increasing and an aerobic environment can assist their effectiveness.  
NOTEWhen the EzOx System is installed into existing fish farming ponds, consideration must be given to remediation of past accumulations of organic matter, antibiotics etc. The increase in DO, generated by the EzOx System, will stimulate growth of the aerobic microbial population, which, in turn will consume the accumulation of organic material on the pond bottom. If good baseline data is available then incremental improvements and benefits realized from the EzOx System can be determined.