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CANNAMUM  your next surprise....     
Our offer & your opportunity

Market confirmation:
We are looking for 10 legal producers of cannabis who are willing to participate in our market test confirmation.
a: We will supply our system and you have nothing to do to your crop. (Just place the box in the area)
b: We will ask you to have some control on the measurement of the quantity produced and the level of THC & CBD
c: We will charge you $500.00 for the safety deposit of the system. This amount will be reimbursed if at the 
  end you do not wish to keep it. ( These systems will be marketed for 4000.00$ / year. ) So this is more than
  an exceptional opportunity for anyone participating in our market confirmation program.

​Your benefit will be better crop and more yield = $

Our approach is the result of thirty years of working with farmers who were experiencing agricultural problems.

The benefits:
. Harvests all greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
  and converts them into carbon to the soil.
. Hydrogen is used to hydrate the cells of the plants.
. Carbon is used to support bacteria in the soil.
. Introduce dissolved oxygen in the water.
. Produce structured water.
. Less fertilizer & chemicals will be  needed.
. Plus it includes numerous other formulas that  
  enhance anything that grows whether it's  a
  vegetable or cannabis.

      WE INCREASE  .The size of the plant
                                 . The number of buds
                                 . The density of buds
                                 . The brix level
                                 . The CBD level
                                 . The THC level

Our commercial system covers an area of up to 45 acres.
Our residential system covers up to 50 feet radius.
Call Robert B.
Our technology:
Crystallography We use programmable crystals because a natural crystal has a very regular arrangement of atoms. In quartz these atoms vibrate at a very stable frequency (period of 10^(-6) seconds) and these characteristics make quartz an excellent receptor and emitter of pulses.

We increase yields substantially at harvest time.

​We do it with any strain and any growing setup.
                   (indoor or outdoor)