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CANNAMUM & EXTREMUM-C    your next surprise....     

Our offer & your opportunity

We are looking for 5 legal producers of cannabis who are will participate in our quantification program.
a: We will supply our crystal and you will have nothing to do to your crop. (Just place the box in the area)
b: This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone participating in our market confirmation program.These systems will 
    be marketed starting at 4000.00$ / year. ) So this is more than exceptional opportunity.
c: We will ask you to have some control on the measurement of the quantity produced and the level of THC & CBD
d: All we will want in return is a  report from your company detailing the results. It can be that simple.

Note: If you want to be prudent, we suggest that on your first test you set aside an area separate from your normal            production so that you will be able to compare the difference between two crops.

Our approach is the result of thirty years of working with farmers who were experiencing agricultural problems.

The benefits:

. Our approach facilitates the assimilation of plant
  nutrients and promote growth.
. Harvests all greenhouse gases from the atmosphere
  and converts them into carbon to the soil.
. Hydrogen is used to hydrate the cells of the plants.
. Carbon is used to support bacteria in the soil.
. Introduce dissolved oxygen in the water.
. Produce structured water.
. Less fertilizer & chemicals will be  needed.
. Plus it includes numerous other formulas that  
  enhance anything that grows whether it's  a
  vegetable or cannabis.

                                                          - Cannabis cultivation - 
                    When the newest technology gets involved

      WE INCREASE  .The size of the plant
                                 . The density of buds
                                 . The brix level
                                 . The CBD level
                                 . The THC level

Preliminary results show important cannabidiol increase.

Our commercial system covers an area of up to 45 acres.
Our residential system covers up to 50 feet radius.
Call Robert B.
Our technology:
Crystallography We use programmable crystals because a natural crystal has a very regular arrangement of atoms. In quartz these atoms vibrate at a very stable frequency (period of 10^(-6) seconds) and these characteristics make quartz an excellent receptor and emitter of pulses.

We increase yields substantially at harvest time.

​We do it with any strain and any growing setup.
                   (indoor or outdoor)
            Latest news from our R & D

 Powdery Mildew 
Our system has a major effect in preventing the appearance of the powdery mildew, however, based on our research we have found that:
a: The powdery mildew seems to be in the genes of the seed.(Some seeds do not have those genes)
b: The full moon has an effect of ‘’pulling out’’ the mildew from the plant. 

The solution that we have found is to use EX-F* Bacteria (in powder or liquid form) whose main function is to eat larvae. This approach needs further tests and we are looking for cases that have a thrips infestation. Please let us know.

,* complies with Environment Canada Substances list (DSL)