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                  system :
It reduces drastically the most persistent of problems such as algae, milfoil, duckweed, and anaerobic conditions in bottom sediment. for lakes / ponds / lagoons / reservoirs/ rivers.

Matrix Environment introduces a unique water remediation system: EzOx system.
It drastically reduces the most persistent of problems—such as algae,duckweed,
 milfoil, and anaerobic conditions in bottom sediment.
​Nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, enrich waters and accelerate the aging of lakes and streams, a process known as eutrophication. The resulting growth of algae and plants can degrade conditions for other uses, such as for drinking water and recreational activities. Large amounts of algal and plant biomass can also depress oxygen levels when they decompose. Severe eutrophication can also ruin the aquatic habitat for wildlife. The major sources of nutrients are often runoff from agricultural and municipal areas and improperly treated sewage.
16.40" x 8.71" x 13.15" 
(41.7 x 22.1 x 33.4 cm)
The system is half burried
We determine the perimeter of the water surface and other sources of phosphorus land contaminators and run offs.
We remotely create the pattern of activity within which the system will transmit the energy waves (both in the water and in the land)
LOOK below  - in 34 days
Get Rid of Algae
Remove invasive aquatic plants
   Its characteristics
  . Eliminates phosphorus (by transmutation) and nitrate ;
  . Reduces pathogens;
  . Reduces turbidity and odor;
  . Decomposes bottom sludge;
  . Improves water transparency;
  . No chemical or mechanical device;
  . Operates in cold and brackish waters;
  . Respect the environment and the fish love it ...
  . Requires no technical expertise for installation;
  . Is completely self-contained and maintenance-free;
  . Can reach a water table of 2300 feet (701 meters) deep;
  . Can be operated on water surfaces up to 4 square miles (10 km²);
  . Incorporates dissolved oxygen up to depths of 2300 feet (701 meters);
  . Remains on site and operates continuously while maintaining aerobic conditions.

It's the only system that has 
shoreline-restoration capability
Neutralizes phosphorus runoff before reaching water. The system operates continuously and can neutralize 100 feet of shoreline strips for the maintenance of the ecosystem, which is perpetually changing.

The EzOx system operates on land and in the water. It targets both phosphorus and nitrate. (If nutrients like phosphorus and nitrate are removed, the algae has nothing to feed on and can’t survive.) As a result there is a biological transmutation into a simpler form of organic matter that takes place. In addition the system constantly sends energy waves that boots dissolved oxygen at levels as high as 12 PPM throughout the water body, even into the bottom sediment. This enables aerobic bacteria to colonize, clean and revitalize a lake for continued and effective operation. The ecosystem is revitalized in a natural way and no chemicals are used. Most important is the fact that phosphorus is neutralized on the bank before it enters the water.

Continuously maintains aerobic conditions
The EzOx system remains in place permanently in order to maintain aerobic conditions of the water body. (Otherwise short term solutions will always be subject to the recurring phenomenon.) With the EzOx system we have a better management of riparian strips, which are extremely rich transition environments and play several critical roles in the health of lakes and rivers.
July 4th,  2016
June 1st, 2016
June 20th, 2016
June 27th, 2016
LOOK below  - in 45 days
Size : 9.2 acres
( 400 490 sq.ft.)
Transparency of water : .8 m / 2' 6''
Dissolved oxygen : 5 PPM
Transparency of water 2.82 m / 9' 4''
Dissolved oxygen : 11 PPM