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We have unique and exceptional systems that meet today's environmental needs. These systems are the result of years of research by scientists that have devoted their life to improving the environment.  Matrix Environment's mission is to facilitate the research and the marketing of systems that contribute to helping nature in compensating some of the imbalance existing in the environment.

How about promoting systems that :
. Have no competition
. Use innovative technology
. Contribute in improving the environment
. Address easy identifiable markets
. Are exceptionally profitable

We have golden opportunities.
It Gets Rid of Algae in lakes, ponds, lagoons, etc...The EzOx system is a unique water remediation system. It enables aerobic bacteria to colonize, clean and revitalize a lake for continued and effective operation. The ecosystem is revitalized in a natural way and no chemicals are used. Most important is the fact that phosphorus is neutralized on the bank before it enters the water.
MARKET: 571 000 estimated polluted lakes (40% of 1,427,688 lakes of 25 acres or larger)
Aquaculture: The EzOx System provides an innovative approach to cleaning and revitalizing fish farm ponds by cost-effectively increasing DO (dissolved oxygen) and clarifying the water. The generated DO is in the form of ionic oxygen (O-) and is relatively stable in water (as opposed to O2 which is gaseous). Ionic oxygen is readily assimilated by organisms. The system protect cages from being subjected to algae, very large area has to be treated surrounding the cages. This should assure a balance ecosystem without the threat of being affected by algae
MARKET: estimated 70 000 cages 
We eradicate the greening disease (Huanglongbing (HLB) on citrus farms which is present in 32 countries.  The damage due to HLB is considerable, almost 100 million trees. We neutralize the Huanglongbing bacteria without using transgenic technology, or chemicals. Once the bacteria is eliminated the Yellow Dragon Slayer System remains permanently on site in order to maintain ecological farming conditions and to protect crops from the citrus greening disease. 
MARKET:HLB is described as the most important, severe, serious, destructive, devastating disease of citrus in the world
We took odour complaints seriously - NOW we can neutralize foul smell.
Generally, the most common source of odour complaints relate to the storing and spreading of bio-solids (sewage sludge), animal manures and slurries (muck spreading). Prevailing winds can carry these odours some distance across fields and into residential areas. We are now managing odours emanating from: Raising hogs / Sewage / Liquefied manure / Manure storage, handling and spreading / Chicken manure / Compost / wastewater treatment plant. We have now completed successful our 4th field test.
We have found a way to eradicate a bacteria that causes the rotting disease (the Dickeya dianthicola) and.causes significant losses in some potato-producing areas. Dickeya infections have been recorded on various potato cultivars in Europe and North America. We are at the second field test stage.
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